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My mission is to train and educate how to achieve their goals by redefining wellness as a Lifestyle.

I feel blessed to have the opportunity to change people's lives for the better.  As a personal trainer I get to share my love for the human body and health. I am committed to wellness and believe it is important to educate my clients about body awareness with proper nutrition and daily exercise.

My teaching emphasizes being mindful and understanding your body. My training provides a safe structured environment that enables you to achieve results beyond your expectations. I believe in a systematic approach towards exercise with much emphasis on postural correction along with realistic goals that yield results.  


I have a strong work ethic that evoke change in my clients.  I recognize that every person is different and every person requires an individual approach to fitness and wellness. It is important that my clients know that each and every one of them is unique and understand their individual needs to achieve their exercise goals. 


I am dedicated to providing my clients with a fresh, safe, fun and motivating environment whether it is in the gym, outside, or the comfort of your own home.  I have over twenty years of experience in San Diego working with all ages and fitness levels from children, athletes, seniors and everything in between.  I am motivated, passionate and committed to my craft.



  • Designed to meet your individual goals and tailored to fit your weight loss needs and body type.

  • Focus on the importance of using correct form during exercise and the correct use of equipment.  

  • Personal Training programs are available for clients who prefer not to use equipment.

  • Good health and physical conditioning programs combining exercise and proper nutrition.

  • One on One Personal Training, Group programs are available.



Certified with NASM, ISSA and Yoga Certified.  

Specialized in

Weight Loss, Nutrition and Strength Training.

San Diego Mobile Personal Trainer Fitness
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