Samantha is a great trainer with lots of knowledge. I have been training with Samantha for a little over 7 months while I have been pregnant with my 3rd child and it has been a great motivation to have Samantha helping keep me in shape and active through this time. She has been great at tailoring my workouts to my strength and ability while still keeping it fun. She is always very accommodating and accessible which makes a world of difference when you have busy schedule. Samantha is the best! Jasmin M.

Do yourself a favor.  Look back six months from now and congratulate yourself for hiring Samantha.  Your body and your mind will thank you. I have been working out with Samantha for the last two years about twice a week.  With her help, at age 40, I've achieved flexibility, strength and muscle density that I've never had before.  Sam tailors her training to you and your goals, not just regurgitating the same stuff to every client.  So whether you're trying to lose weight, put on muscle or just need an accountability partner who truly knows what they're talking about, Sam is your ticket.  Plus, being a mobile trainer, she comes to you. Even if you need her to meet you somewhere at 4:30am! Be better and truly invest in yourself.  Reach out to Sam.  Your future self won't be disappointed. Tim C.

Samantha Kline is a top notch professional and expert in her field. Hiring her as my personal trainer was one of the best investments I’ve made in myself. I didn’t want to lose weight, I just wanted to tighten my core and be stronger and leaner. Samantha really understood my goals and was able to tailor workouts just for me to attain them. When old injuries flared up, she had vast knowledge to modify exercises. Samantha has a warm and supportive demeanor and at the same time can motivate you to dig deep and get those extra reps or higher weight in. So many times I was surprised by my accomplishments; I wouldn’t have been able to attain them without her guidance. Hiring a trainer is both a time and fiscal commitment, and its benefits can’t be quantified. Since hiring Samantha my depression and anxiety have been in remission, I make smarter food choices, I have more energy, and I feel good about my body. It’s been a great investment in the current quality of my life and I think I’m doing my future self a favor too!

I've been training with Samantha for the past 16 months.  I'v never had a personal trainer in fear of getting hurt or pushing me to the point of injury. I am a self employed hair stylist and can't afford to be injured to the point of not being able to do my job. Samantha has carefully guided me to building up my strength to avoid any injury. She always checks in with me each visit to assess my ability.  I am doing things I never ever could do. Balancing and switching up my workouts each day. I've lost weight and gained muscle and strength giving me the ability to do my job much more efficiently.  If you are looking for a great trainer, look no more!  Thank you SamTara Julian 

I have played sports most of my life; nevertheless, as I approached 60 I noticed a decrease in my strength and flexibility.  I was advised to start a resistance training regime, but I had never worked with weights or gym equipment and I found myself a little intimidated.  Samantha taught me what to do, and how to do it.  Samantha really focuses on correct form while encouraging safe and challenging workouts to maximize effectiveness.  Samantha is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session. She is very dedicated to her profession and she makes each workout creative and most importantly, fun!  She also places a high value on correct form with each exercise. She motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results.  I personally recommend Samantha as a fitness trainer no matter what age, shape or condition you are in. Steve Stentiford 

The best personal trainer ever! I've been very active and athletic my entire life and I wasn't sure how much Samantha could teach me. Boy I was wrong! She demonstrated exercises I had never done before and completely transformed my core and my lower body. I reached out to  Samantha when I decided to compete in my first natural body building show. Everyone at my local gym recommended her. She is very flexible and even offered to meet me at the gym on the military base to accommodate my very busy schedule. She customized a strength training plan for me and we did weekly check-ins even on the days we didn't meet. She paid very close attention to my progress and energy levels. She knew when I just needed to stretch more and shifted our plan accordingly. She also offered a wealth of nutritional advice to help me pull together the whole process. I was happy with the package we bought to the stage and my first place win of course. She is very friendly and easy to train with. I will continue to recommend anyone looking to make some changes in their physical health on any level! Thanks coach! Adonica J.

My pictures speak for themselves!  I have been a marathon runner for the past 7 years. I was looking for something different and I thought it was time to switch things up.  I nervously decided to sign up for a bikini competition! I was referred to Samantha by a good friend who she trained for a bikini competition and my friend won her category. Once I met with Samantha, I was all in! I convinced my husband to invest in my goal.  Samantha trained me from August, 2017 - December 2017...with post competition sessions into 2018. We trained 2-3 times per week for 1 hour. I never worked with a personal trainer before, so I did to know what to expect. I'm NOT a person who likes someone yelling at me during physical activities. So Samantha's smooth, calm, encouraging... yet direct and positive demeanor was a perfect fit for me!!! I am PROUD to say, I won 1st place in my bikini master's competition!!!  I still had some sessions after my competition into 2018, which was the best idea, because it helped maintain the same mind frame and accountability to an already intense training season. Now that my season is over, I am still working out with the same intensity, and I can hear Samantha in my head correct my posture, fix my wrist and breathe.  She is truly a class act. Kim L.

Meghana and I know Samantha for the past 7+ years.  Samantha has been a wonderful trainer, whose training work has made significant uplifting impact on our lives.  She is very passionate about physical training profession and really KNOWS about it, both theoretically and practically.  Due to our association with Samantha, Meghana lost 30+ lbs of weight and gained significant strength and endurance.  Samantha helped me maintain the weight with overall increase in endurance and strength, especially the core strength. This has played a major role in improving my Yoga practice.  Samantha's suggestions on nutrition and recommendations of the products have been very useful and we have incorporated them in our routines.  As of now, we are continuing to train with her.  Overall, we highly recommend Samantha as personal trainer.  She will work hard with you to reach your training goals and improve your lives in a big way!! Srinivas & Meghana 

Sam is an awesome trainer! I trained with her for 1.5 years, during a time that I was going through medical treatments and overwhelmed by work, struggling to find balance on my life. Sam worked with me in managing my time and stress levels by reminding me that I needed to put myself and my health first. She kept me accountable to a minimum of 3 workouts per week and customized my workouts to fit my goals, all while working around my crazy schedule of being a full-time working mom with a 1.5hr daily commute. Through our workouts, Sam helped me get both physically and mentally stronger. Til now, I’m still keeping up with working out at least 3 days a week and though I’m not currently training with Sam, I hear her voice in my head when I work out, still telling me to dig 😊 Hazel Buncab

I've used Samantha Kline for personal training with great results! We started out training twice a week, she was very thorough. She explained each exercise and what muscle group it worked. She is easy to talk to, very driven, and focused. Since then, we upped it to 3 days a week, and added diet planning. With an even balance in weight training, cardio and diet, I feel great. Last year, I completed 4 half marathons, and 1 full marathon!  She is a very valuable asset to getting fit! Andy Martinez 

I just started with Samantha.  She is very knowledgeable, kind, and really knows a wide variety of exercises to help you attain results.  What I like is that she is always positive and calm and reassuring.  Even when you don't feel like working out, she motivates you.  She is also very flexible with her time. Patricia L.

After giving birth to my third child, I was committed to losing all the “baby” weight, getting toned (specifically my stomach) and overall, getting back to a healthier lifestyle. My children are all close in age, so having 3 babies really affected my eating and exercise habits.  I was eating a lot of processed food and hardly engaging in any physical activity. My first workout session with Samantha, I thought that it wouldn’t be so bad.  I practiced yoga for 3 years before getting pregnant and worked out here and there at 24 Hour Fitness. After our first session, I realized how wrong I was.  I could barely do a leg lift or crunch. Samantha patiently taught me how to correctly perform each exercise and gradually increased the level of intensity and difficulty as I got stronger and more familiar with the moves. She also had me write a food journal, which she checked frequently, and spent time discussing ways I could improve my eating. After almost a year of working out with Samantha, one-on-one and in her boot camps, not only am I at my pre-pregnancy weight, I am the strongest I have ever been! She has been one of my biggest supporters and inspirations to eating healthier and improving my overall fitness with new physical challenges. I recently completed my first ½ marathon and continue to improve through cardio and running at least 3 times a week, along with strength training and toning through Sam’s boot camps. My stomach is still a work-in-process, but I’ll be in a bikini soon! I encourage any person to try working out with Samantha. Her knowledge and personality will help you keep motivated and working towards your goals. It's also a plus that if you do have children and they are pretty self-sufficient, you can bring them while you work out at one of Sam's boot camps. Rina B. 

I never thought working out two hours a week would make such a great difference in my appearance. Since January 2013.  I have lost 31 pounds, just by working out with Samantha two hours a week.  No change in diet or routine. Her low impact and high intensity core strengthening exercises has sculpted my mid-section and toned my arms and thighs which have given me more balance and energy. What really encourages me to continue is not only seeing the results but the encouragement that Samantha provides and her understanding that each individual's ability differs.  She is able to provide or modify workout routines for each of us.  Thanks again Samantha for my new summer body!!!  Giovanna Tveit 

I had been dealing with quite a few major losses in my life, and it was hard to get myself motivated to go outside, let alone see life from a positive perspective.  I was in an unhealthy life pattern and decided to get out, starting with fitness.  I was so happy to have met Samantha, who is not only a very experienced physical trainer but also a great life coach.  I love her focus on mind and body working together to create positive patterns in life and I always look forward to how I feel after a session!  She has modified not only my fitness and eating habits, but also my outlook on life in general. Thanks Sam! Chris Perry

If you have hit the wall and need someone to revitalize your workout Samantha is the trainer.  I was amazed how she was able to train me with and without weights, indoors and outside, and how she was able to put a twist on my regular routine.  She was very educational through out the training process, stressing the importance of proper body mechanics and correcting mine.  She stressed the importance of having goals and sometimes having to take baby steps in order to attain your objective.   She was also instrumental in the evaluation of my dietary intake and teaching me what foods to eat, and when to consume them.  It was not an easy journey, but it helps to have proper guidance. Anthony Lawrence 

I've been working out twice a week with Samantha for almost 4 years, and she's an integral part of my overall wellness. I'm 56, a former athlete, and I've always exercised. My motivation hasn't faded, and Samantha tailors my workouts to ensure I not only maintain, but improve, my fitness. She incorporates balance, flexibility, core, and strength moves while always adjusting to what my body needs on any particular day.  Samantha's incredibly knowledgeable, professional, caring, and encouraging. I always feel great after seeing her! If you're looking for a fitness partner who understands that one size doesn't fit all, you should try working out with Samantha! Holly Hunt

I never thought I would ever enjoy working out. I also had no idea how to workout correctly. Until I started training with Samantha. I have learned so much about myself and my body through her. She has the perfect amount of motivation. She knows exactly how to push me to succeed without being overbearing or intimidating. She is both professional and personal. And very supportive. I always feel extremely comfortable with whatever we are doing, because she is an amazing person, and an amazing personal trainer. I highly recommend her! Taylor Richard Drennan

Sam is an absolutely incredible person and trainer. She is very knowledgeable about fitness, health, and how to obtain any goal you have. Sam goes above and beyond to support her clients during and after training sessions. I always appreciate when Sam checks in on how I’m feeling after increasing the weights I’m lifting or trying new exercises. She always makes herself available to answer questions or concerns you may have. I have learned so much about how to take care of myself from Sam. Over the last six months, I have grown stronger, sleep better, and overall have more energy throughout the day. If you’re looking for a trainer, there is no question Sam is the best out there! ☺️ Lyric Tulley

I called Samantha about 2 months after the birth of my second child. I wanted so badly to get back to my old self, back in shape with tons of energy. But I wasn't very active during this pregnancy, and my body was so weak at this point. Thank goodness for Sam! She could tell my spirit was raring to go, but could also tell my body wasn't ready to jump in with the same fervor. She met me where I was at that moment, making sure to push me carefully and to stay within my limits. She also helped me stay on track with good food, and to make sure that my exercise and diet would be conducive to my breastfeeding needs.  Sam is so wonderful to work with, always encouraging and challenging me to build muscle and push a little further than I think I can go. She recognizes when my body is struggling, and when it can push through and handle a bit more. Her knowledge of technique and form is unmatched, I never realized what a huge difference it makes to work out with proper form and technique! Her calm demeanor was also exactly what I needed, reminding me to stay focused and to breathe. I can't believe how often I would forget to breathe! She whipped me into shape in no time! Thank you, Sam!!! Marissa Feliciano

For years I tried numerous diets and exercised irregularly. Never having much success in losing weight or getting in shape. Then about two years ago I met Samantha and began training with her. I found her to be very professional, knowledgeable, energetic and positive. She has a good understanding of the anatomy, nutrition and training techniques. Samantha is a great motivator who not only focuses on the physical aspects of training, but also helped me with the mental aspects of the body. Pushing to get me through the tough times when my body would plateau. She kept me motivated by finding new ways for me to change up my routine and push me beyond what I thought I was capable of doing. Whenever I said I couldn’t, she would prove to me that I could. She was dedicated to teaching me how to develop a sound fitness routine, that I could incorporate into my busy schedule. Changing your life style is difficult, but with Samantha’s assistance I’ve been able to routinely find time and ways to workout. She helped me improve my posture, energy level and flexibility. Teaching me to use good form and workout safely. Her dedication to helping me achieve my fitness and health goals became evident, when I couldn’t find time in my schedule to workout and she made herself available at 5:00 am in the morning for my training sessions. I would highly recommend her as a trainer and fitness coach to anyone. Maria Mendez

I wanted to live and my body wanted to die.  Six-months of chemotherapy had left it's toll and I felt it every day tired, weak, exhausted.  Loss of balance, muscle tone, and libido.  I was beginning to wonder what my future would look like if I continued life this way.  No bike rides? No swimming?  No hiking?  No playing?  No way!  It was time to recover my body and return to life.  I needed help.  Then I met Samantha.  She said she could help me and I believed her.   Within 2 weeks, I noticed remarkable improvement.  I was breathing better.  I was gaining strength and endurance.  I was eating healthy food because I was hungry and my body was craving fruits and vegetables.  My posture improved.  I became mindful of the little things that make up the big things like breathing, like eating, like riding my bike.  That was 4 years ago and I have Samantha to thank for restoring me and my body and discovering a new one!  Thank you for the opportunity to share my story and my gratitude, with love & light.

Katie Jaramillo 

Awesome-ness!  Sam knows her stuff been working out with Samantha for the last nine years.  She is super personable and really professional because of her techniques and knowledge of each individuals ability I have not just maintained physical strength, I have improved on my flexibility, endurance, and muscle power! She really is a hidden treasure.  If you are looking for sustainable good health, you can find it like I did, by just calling Samantha TODAY! Judy H.

When I started working out with Samantha I had only been doing cardio with no results and after working out with her I became stronger, firmer and leaner than I ever thought I could be. Samantha kept me on my toes by changing up the routines.  Each session was different, challenging and fun at the same time.  I enjoyed working out with her so much, my daughter and husband train with her as well. Zorica S. 


I have never consistently worked out.  I would get on a workout kick and it lasts a few weeks and then I get bored.  Samantha made me realize how important consistency is in order to improve not only my strength, but also flexibility and balance.  I have had a bad back for many years and Samantha was great at not only making sure I wasn't doing something that would aggravate it, but also helped me strengthen my core which alleviated my back pain. George S.

I have played soccer for many years always concentrating on lower body strength and never realized how important working my upper body was.  Samantha greatly improved my upper body strength, posture and balance.  Although she makes the workouts very challenging, she is  motivating and patient. Alexia S. 

I began training under Samantha in January 2013. I am  63 years old, and when I started, I weighed 242 pounds, now in December I weigh 177 pounds.  I lost 65 pounds and I feel great. Since January. I have been working out with Samantha three days a week for one hour each workout. She has also been helping me with my food and nutrition. She is very hard working, dedicated, and very professional. Bill Wilburn 

What can I say about Samantha? Well for starters she is an amazing person and personal trainer. She literally changed my body and my life. She has a great demeanor and is not intimidating to work with at all. She is also so, so knowledgeable about diet, how to eat, when to eat and what to eat. She is super patient and really knows how to listen to you and tailors the program around you. I really have enjoyed my time with Sam and I know that she has changed me for the better.  I will be a client for life! Jodi R.

Sam is a passionate, knowledgeable and caring personal trainer. She catered to my particular fitness goals as well as my physical limitations. She was always motivating and encouraging. She also helped me to focus on my nutrition. The results were really dramatic. I would without a doubt recommend Sam to anyone looking to change their health and physique! Katrina Rau 

I chose Samantha because I wanted a trainer with the body type and posture that I wanted to have.  I needed to get rid of a couple rolls that were forming at my waist / ribs, drop about 2-3 sizes, get my booty back and get healthy.  Her very personalized workouts fit me perfectly because she has this fantastic ability to understand MY body, muscles, movement and how they respond to training.  I learned what a "strong" body really is, about food and how much more effective training is when doing it correctly.  I learned proper, effective and safe form, then she watched, guided, spotted and encouraged me during each exercise so I could maintain that form. That is something I cannot do by myself. We did this all in my living room which was convenient.  Within 3 months, we accomplished most of what I wanted.  The rolls were gone!!!  I dropped almost 2 sizes and my body shape and posture changed.  I went from 150 lbs of shapeless squish to 134 lbs of shapely strength, but still not done. With continued training, I can drop another size or two and that booty I want to have will happen! Cyndee Rose